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Heat wave


As the heat
inched past 100
Our Northwest hubris
We don’t need air conditioning,
We can sit under trees

Melted away.

I couldn’t think
Couldn’t write
Wondered how people in the tropics
Do anything at all.

The birds slowed their singing
The dogs stretched on the floor
The horses, seeking shade,
Looked at me
As if to question

I had no answer
Not one I could give
The part I knew
Our part
I couldn’t tell them.

4 Responses

  1. I was able to sleep with a towel wrapped “hot” rubber water bottle
    half filled with cold water stored in refrigerator until bedtime.
    I do not have air conditioning.
    Worked well!
    Stay cool!
    Stay tuned!

  2. Now you know why people in the tropics lay in hammocks all afternoon. They are up at first light, working only til midday. Keep your carotid artery cool with a cold wet “scarf” around your neck (I learned this living in the jungle in Suriname.

    I like your short, poetry style, Sally. Let’s see more! 🙂

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