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Is this it?


Sometimes I open the door to my mind to write and there’s nothing there. Depending on how I’m sitting (or what I’m hoping to do), this can feel like a blessing or a curse. As I was pondering what to write this week, all I could come up with was a poem by James Broughton.


This is It
and I am It
and You are It
and so is That
and He is It
and She is It
and It is It
and That is That

O it is This
and it is Thus
and it is Them
and it is Us
and it is Now
and Here It is
and Here We are
so This is It

Staring at the empty page, I ask my brain  “What can I write?” And my brain, acting like that awful boy Richard in 3rd grade who taunted me relentlessly about being smart, decides to mock me and says “Nothing.” Nothing to write. No ideas. Empty.

The power of nothing.

When I dive into nothing, I always find something, But when I insist on finding something, I may only come up with nothing,

So what now?

Ring a chime. Light a candle. Just sit. Feel the muscles of my butt in the chair. The tinnitus that rings in my ears. Allow the it to be it. Sip tea. And wait.

And the words will come, or they won’t.

And you will read and enjoy, or you won’t.

And life goes on either way.

This summer, I hope we all can enjoy more beloved It-ness.

And Here we are/so This is it.


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  1. Hi Sally!

    Here’s another poem by James Broughton that I (and some journalist colleagues) have found useful:


    What matters
    but it doesn’t

    Some of the time
    everything matters
    Much of the time
    nothing matters

    In the long run
    both everything
    and nothing
    matter a lot

    Thanks for turning people on to the BIG JOY website! And for those in the Puget Sound area, there’s a screening of the documentary about Broughton’s life Tuesday July 18, 6 pm at the Vashon Theatre!!

  2. I am so glad I discovered you through 3rd Act Magazine! As an 88 year old, wanna-be activist, now residing in a retirement home, and a former business owner (started as a single mom in 1959 — ending up with winning multiple national advertising awards), I “ain’t done yet!”

    Your blog is great… more than words, it “sings” with inspiration, and makes me smile!

    It will be a pleasure to refer your blog to others, and I look forward to more. Thank you!

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