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3rd Act: Mary Campbell–Awakening sensuality after midlife

Mary Campbell discovered the wonders of sensuality and pleasure in midlife and is helping women to do the same. She helps women find their joy again. As an intimacy coach and spiritual counselor she offers women a clear path back to loving their bodies and living again in their sensual nature, for themselves first. When love and acceptance radiates out into the world from within, nothing is more attractive.

Mary synthesizes practical wisdom from her years of raising a family, decades of tantra and qigong study and teaching, and inter-spiritual seminary training to guide women on a deeper quest toward reclaiming the joy of their embodied wholeness. The useful practices and perspectives she provides – whether on retreat with her worldwide, in her forthcoming book The Pleasure Playbook: 12 Paths for Awakening Joy or in private coaching – help women shift from making due to living the joy they were born to possess.

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Highlights and quotes from the Show

“The joy of living is what attracts…And it’s an inside job.”

“We push ourselves hard and then steal catch-as-catch-can (usually unhealthy) pleasures instead of orienting our lives around the pleasure that is already and always here.”

Spirituality and sensuality are linked.

We’ve been trained out of noticing beauty but can renew ourselves by noticing what’s already around us.

“We are so busy earning our keep and proving ourselves. We don’t have time – or more likely haven’t learned – to see/hear/smell/taste/feel the delight that’s actually there.”

“Your body – and your five senses – are here to help you remember and receive pleasure — and then to share that with the world.”

“The feminine is about receiving. Receiving what’s already there. Noticing and appreciating the delights around us and the offerings of others.”

“I believe it’s a spiritual practice to re-orient toward the joy that is everywhere around us, and to develop a practice to invite it in.”

“Your pleasure matters…far more than you likely think.”

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The Show Notes

You can experience more of Mary by requesting to join her private FB group. Enjoy her blog archive at for inspiration to cultivate intimacy with yourself, others, and the wider world.

SPECIAL OFFER: Go to Mary’s website and receive a special FREE copy of  “12 Tips to Revive Your Feminine.”   


Also you can see Mary’s You Tube channel here:



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