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Merle Saferstein: Writing and Living Your Legacy

Have you thought about writing your legacy, capturing thoughts and events that might be only for your eyes—but from which you might offer lessons to others?

For 48 years, Merle Saferstein journaled, amassing a collection of 380 journals. From there she distilled key passages into two books Living and Leaving My Legacy Vols. 1 & 2 and interspersed her writings with tips on how to begin legacy journaling.

Prior to writing her books, Merle spent twenty-six years as a Holocaust educator helping hundreds of Holocaust survivors to share their legacies.  After retiring, she created  Leaving Your Legacy®. Through classes, workshops, and lectures, she has guided thousands of people in sacred legacy work, writing for wellness, and journaling.


  • “How we live our life becomes our legacy.”
  • Why Merle started journaling and how she found writing helpful.
  • A legacy doesn’t have to be a book or look impressive.
  • How Merle worked with Holocaust survivors and the power that emerged as they shared their stories
  • How gratitude can help us get through darkness and unclutter our minds.
  • Legacy journals can be just for us—the form matters less than the process.
  • How Merle used questions and journaling as tools for preparing the road to retirement. 
  • The power of asking oneself big questions and how Merle came to devote herself to teaching about legacy.


More about our guest:

Merle also wrote a short story collection, Room 732, in which she pays homage to the historic Hollywood Beach Hotel. Merle lives in Miami, Florida with her husband of fifty-six years and has two children and two grandchildren.

For more information

Visit Merle’s beautiful updated website where she offers lots of useful material:

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