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Mik Kuhlman: The Actor as Activist

Mik Kuhlman is an actor, physical theatre comedian, performance artist, theatre-maker, and teacher who has worked and taught globally. Building on her twenty-five years of experience with original ensemble and solo theatre, she recently created a stunning outdoor performance and celebration of our connection with nature called, “The Standing Nation.”  Merging science and feminist inspiration, she performs a piece of art and activism that will forever change how you see trees.


Broadening our definition of what an actor or artist is
How true actors, working in a job are not, are still actors
How to anchor yourself when the culture wants to define what success looks like
The power of tenacity
What makes someone do what they love to do?
How artists have to live inside the unknown
The arts live in the heart; they come from a heart-centric existence
The genesis of The Standing Nation, Mik’s individual response to our collective  climate crisis, based on our relationship with trees




More about The Standing Nation:

The Standing Nation illuminates the secret world of trees, presented to small audiences in intimate forest settings. Infused with “feminine perspectives” on forestry research, the performance highlights the ability of trees to strategize and connect without words for the good of the whole forest.

More about our guest:

A performer with sublime comic timing, Mik Kuhlman has over twenty-five years of experience in creating original ensemble and solo theatre; playing in classical theatre, traditional plays, European-style clown, site-specific, dance theatre, film, television, and radio theatre.

Drawing inspiration from the intersections of theatre, circus, dance and improvisation, Mik Kuhlman creates dynamic solo and ensemble theatre and fosters artistic international collaborations. She has been working as a performing and teaching artist, theatre-maker, and producer in Seattle, Paris, and NYC with additional artistic residencies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. She has taught in over 500 private and public K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and corporations. 



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