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Pausing for fall colors

Labels are tricky. When we view the world through our labels, we may never see it as it is. Yet, names and labels can also give us distinctions that expand what we see.

That’s how it is for me and the fall colors I adore. I grew up thinking of them as yellow, orange, brown, and red. Now I’m hungry for words that capture more richly what I observe. So this week I went on a color hunt.

Merriam Webster gave me quite a few names for fall colors to choose from:

Sepia –  a brown-gray to olive-brown.Amber – a dark yellow-orange
Gamboge – a vivid yellowScarlet – a bright red
Crimson – a dark purplish-redMaroon – a dark reddish-brown
Auburn – a reddish-gold shade of brownLurid – a pale yellow like dying leaves
Carnelian – a reddish-orange or brownish-red Russet – a reddish-brown

I wanted more. I found them at the website Simplicable:

Autumn maple            Bark  
Bronze            Ochre  
Harvest Gold              Burnt sienna  
Burnt orange            Vermilion
Copper            Rust  

I wanted to eat some of the shades:

Mustard                 Chai  
Pumpkin                Chestnut  
Persimmon            Honey brown  
Burnt Almond          Roasted pecan  
Caramel            Chocolate  

I’ll stop there–knowing there are many more to choose from. The colors outside my window are beautiful even without names. Yet the names expand my imagination as well as my palette.

As I pause to love the colors, I invite you to catch up on recent posts.

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The fall colors won’t last much longer. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.


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