This week, the cherry tree began its two week run of glory, set against a backdrop of near perfect Seattle weather. The peony stalks started shooting towards the sky, in anticipation of their upcoming starring role in May’s garden.

This week, I was shaken by bad news about a close friend’s cancer. And the pandemic continues to leave tragedies in its wake.

Ecstasy and agony come bundled together. My heart needs to expand to hold it all. It’s a good time for a pause.


In case you missed the last posts, tailored to these times:

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In Finding the art of the “new normal,” I wrote about how we sometimes need to retreat to take care of ourselves, and how we can enhance life by looking for the art and beauty in the ordinary that surrounds us.






In Stop demonizing when there’s so much to learn, I observed that when we refrain from blaming, we open ourselves to noticve more and learn more.




In Make your own heart sanitizer I offered a recipe of laughter, tears, music  and nature that can protect our hearts, even as we continue to protect our hands.






I really love hearing what you’re doing as you navigate this new world. As ever stay well, and know that I care.

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