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Sally Fox: Following a Creative Call After Midlife

What if your years after 50 offered creative possibilities that you never touched when you were younger?

Author Sally Jean Fox made it her quest to discover what could bring heart and meaning to the second half of her life. She chronicles her story in her new memoir Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey to Meaning, Creativity, and Joy. In this episode, she is joined by Dana Lynne Andersen, her friend, colleague, and teacher to explore what it means to follow an artful, transformative path into one’s last decades.

Dana Lynne Andersen is the Director of the Awakening Arts Academy in Assisi, Italy, where she offers courses and also leads a Transformative Arts Certification program, which Sally has taken.

Sally Jean Fox is an author, coach, performer, and artist who writes about the search for meaning in the post-midlife years. She writes the Engaging Presence blog and hosts (with exceptions like this) the Vital Presence podcast. 


  • .How Sally became a “born again” artist.
  • ..Why opening up the spiritual dimensions of life is crucial to art-making
  • .The importance of working with the body and embodying our creative work
  • What a Muse may be and how Sally met hers.
  • How creative expression can be a positive response to despair and a way to work through grief.
  • The importance of creating a sanctuary space.
  • How we can nurture our creative spark.
  • The power that comes from creating from love.
  • Why we may become more creative as we age.
  • Why Sally wrote the book Meeting the Muse after Midlife.

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Learn about Dana Lynne Andersen, The Awakening Arts Academy, and the Transformative Arts certification program here.

Purchase Meeting the Muse after Midlife: A Journey to Meaning, Creativity and Joy on Amazon here or request it from your local bookstore or that profits your local bookstore.

Learn more about the book, including advanced testimonials here


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