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Sonia Thompson—Helping business thrive


How do you help businesses avoid the heartache that getting started and managing often requires?

Sonia Thompson is a creative dynamo who is helping entrepreneurs and business owners thrive. After a successful career in corporate marketing, Sonia decided to follow her heart and share with business owners the secrets to success many seemed to be missing. She’s author of the book Delight Inside: Build your dream business that keeps your customers coming back for more, and a prolific blogger. She’s host of the successful podcast: I am the One: Entrepreneur Edition.


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About my guest

Sonia Thompson is a content marketing strategist that loves roaming the streets of Buenos Aires. She’s the founder of TRY Business School where she’s on a mission to help you get the customers you want, and keep them coming back for more through the use of smart content.

Sonia is the author of Delight Inside: Build Your Dream Business that Keeps Customers Coming Back for More, host of the podcast I Am the One: Entrepreneur Edition, an Inc. columnist, and contributes to other sites such as Success, Smart Blogger, and Huffington Post.

The Show Notes

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