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Story Pros: Jean Storlie

Jean Storlie: Using story for innovation and problem solving

Jean is a business storyteller who uses story combined with creative problem solving and group facilitation to help her clients reach new success with their innovation and strategic planning.


Highlights from the show

  • How Jean discovered the importance of storytelling through listening to patient/client stories early in her career working in nutrition and health care.
  • How stories are a profound tool for lifestyle change.
  • How Jean infuses stories into innovation and creative problem solving processes.
    • In the immersion phase of creative problem solving—where stories can build empathy and deepen insights 

    • In the visioning phase to imagine future states

    • In the creative ideation phase to spark creative energy

    • In the strategic framing phase

    • In the pitch

  • A few pointers for anyone considering writing a professional book.


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About my guest

Jean Storlie designs and facilitates processes to help business team collaborate in solving business problems, such as strategic, innovation, technical, health and communication challenges. Over her 35-year career, she’s created health strategies for food, wellness, and healthcare companies—including 13 years at General Mills. Early in her career, Jean stumbled on storytelling as a way to inspire lifestyle change in her patients/clients. Later, as a corporate leader, she wove stories into coaching/mentoring her teams and communicating with executives. In 2012, Jean founded Storlietelling LLC to help business leaders drive innovation by connecting the scientific and emotional sides of health. This turning point sparked a journey into storytelling that transformed her consulting work and took her passion for stories to a new level. Jean infuses storytelling into her consulting work and also offers “Storlietelling Workshops” that teach professionals how to create meaningful stories for their business communications and leadership.

The Show Notes

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And stay tuned for Jean’s book!


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