I’m offering a different piece about change this week, very personal, stirred by how suddenly the world can change – and did – in just one moment.


In a Moment

On a country road
We ride peacefully
Past Doug firs, ferns and huckleberry
Red farmhouse in an open field
Chestnut mare, alone, stands grazing.

Chugging up a steep hill slowly
My husband’s bike keels over
Hitting the blacktop with his side
He moans and cannot move
Shoe still trapped on silver pedal.

Speeding car and flashers
Gurneys, X-rays, blinking screens
Black and white silhouette of a fractured hip
Surgery to follow.

My husband in an open gown
Waits for drugs to crush his pain
Again and again laments
That moment
His cleat did not let go.

While I lament the moments that will follow
Our life turned upside down
Was supposed to stay the same
We, ageless, treading the same path together
An illusion I so wanted.

Offered a difficult serving,
Of what I can’t control
I stand a bit awakened

At the edges of the hospital grounds
Noticing the grand fir
Abundant growth bursts from its tips
Fluorescent green and gleaming.


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