Shape your story

Shape the future

Shape your story…shape the future.


Engage others in the world you are helping create.

Build lasting connections with your customers and community.

You’re an original. A shape-shifter. You see possibilities that could transform your company, your community and the world.

This is no time for business as usual. You aspire to more.

Do you want to:

  • Inspire change, build connection and attract customers?
  • Lead and communicate with engagement and impact?
  • Empower teams and run fantastic meetings?
  • Receive personal support for building your business and career?

Your story is more than a brand. It’s a path to the future.

Shape Compelling stories

Find the stories that will make your strategy, brand, or organization come alive.

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Make Meetings Matter

Make your retreats and meetings more productive and memorable.

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Craft a Legacy

Create a legacy story for yourself or your organization.

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Develop Leadership

Communicate and lead in a way that inspires and engages.

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Design Your Future

Shape a path, create your future, make a great presentation and claim your signature story.

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Your compelling stories can transform information into meaning, guide change, and inspire hope.

Sally has worked closely with hundreds of leaders, guiding them into the heart of what they do and pulling out their best stories. She’s trained leaders, at all levels, to use stories to bring out the best in others.

She can support you to lead and communicate in a way that moves hearts, engages minds, and inspires others to take action.

For over twenty-five years she’s been a forward-thinking innovator in leadership development, and has been coaching, facilitating and directing programs that help managers and professionals create positive cultures and bold futures.

She can help you find your most effective, natural voice and speak with ease, power and confidence.

Sally guides dynamic retreats and offers workshops and programs where people feel safe to explore what matters, discuss differences and move from possibility to action.

She combines her advanced degrees and experience with a fresh approach to change and strategic thinking, using storytelling and creative tools from the performance arts to stimulate imagination, insight and action.

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Meet Sally

She’s an inspiring communicator, an original thinker, she weaves big ideas and practical examples together to help her clients take their next big step forward. She teaches leadership presence by modeling it. 

She is visionary and practical, vulnerable and solid, accessible and real.  A perpetual learner herself, she’s not afraid to take risks to develop the talents of her clients.