Helping you inspire, innovate and shape the future with leadership stories that distinguish your vision and what you do.

You’re an original. A shape-shifter. You see possibility.

You know that the world is moving too fast for business as usual.

Your care about your company, your community and the world.

You aspire to more…

Do you want to:

Capture people’s attention, inspiring collaboration and action? 

Use your special powers to build influence and impact?

Bring your message out?


Let’s create the story that makes your message stick.

The future begins with the story you are shaping today.


Invite people to step into the future you see.

Shape the meanings that will guide the path forward.

Unleash the new vitality waiting in your organization or practice.


Create the stories that will catalyze your desired future.

Crafting Compelling Stories

Stories will make your strategy, brand, or company come alive.

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Consulting & Training

Develop your leadership and align your teams, board or organization.

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To make your meetings and retreats move the action forward.

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To create a great story, master a presentation, or tackle a transition.

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Sally is known for her creative insight that will unlock new possibilities for growth, new options for your career, new ways to lead.

She’s a forward-thinking innovator, helping you imagine the future you want and write the script that will take you there.

She’ll help you move hearts and inspire others to take action.

She’s practical and visionary—a skilled facilitator of your team’s greatness.

Sally’s compassionately courageous when it comes to helping you find the best, creative, sustainable solutions.

She’ll listen for your compelling story. A performer herself, she creates dynamic learning experiences where people feel safe to explore what matters, set goals, and realize dreams.

Sally has worked for over thirty years with hundreds of leaders to increase their presence. Her leadership programs have led to stronger cultures that support both people and productivity.

Sally combines her advanced degrees and experience with a fresh approach to change and strategic thinking, using storytelling and other creative tools from the performance arts to stimulate imagination, insight and action.

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Meet Sally

She’s an inspiring communicator, an original thinker, she weaves big ideas and practical examples together to help her clients take their next big step forward. She teaches leadership presence by modeling it. 

She is visionary and practical, vulnerable and solid, accessible and real.  A perpetual learner herself, she’s not afraid to take risks to develop the talents of her clients.