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If Trees Could Weep

If trees could weep, would they send sorrows
into the ground
through roots, mycelium,
into rivers and seas?
Blending stories from birch and beech, spruce and sycamore
Not worrying about differences.
Speaking the truth of their silent observing,
No agenda except to honor life
Lament as they witness horror.
In Seattle, Warsaw, and Kyiv
Trees shoulder us
Hold our tears
Offer their silent comfort
Remind us that life flows on
Take our pain into their deep roots.

If trees could weep, we would be drenched,
Forced to stand on higher ground.

And, for a little science a talk by the remarkable Suzanne SImard, author of Finding the Mother Tree on “How Trees Talk to Each Other.”

6 Responses

  1. Hi Sally,
    Your poem is beautiful. I will use it in my drawing classes! Thank you.
    I think of you often. It is good to read your words and feel the connection.

    I send you love!! OH and I will definitely watch the video tomorrow!!!

    1. Thanks Heather! I’ve been thinking of you, too and missing our classes. We must catch up one of these days!

  2. Just a few days ago, we had three very old cedar trees taken down, due to the fact that they were growing (and leaning) so very close to our tiny house. After a snow storm last winter demonstrated the potential danger these trees posed to our house and to our own safety, we decided that we needed to remove them. Needless to say, I was extremely sad. I made a point of saying goodbye, talking with the trees in advance, explaining what was coming and why, and this helped me deal with the loss. Afterwards, when I looked at these trees, it felt to me that they were like old houses with no one living there anymore. And one of the trees turned out to be rotting from within, more of a danger to our house than we had realized. But still…it was sad to lose these old friends. Sally – thanks so much for the beautiful poem!

    1. Thanks Lee — sorry about the loss of your friends but how beautiful that you had that kind of relationship with them!

  3. I really love this poem. Thank you. I’m going to print it out to have in my kitchen and get to know it.

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