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Looking behind to step ahead

sneaker-on-stairs-250x250To start my new year, I took a day of looking back to step ahead. Unlike the vision day I took last year, on my look-back day I was being more of an archeologist, reviewing notes and writings from the past year, looking for clues, finding projects still undone, discovering ideas that had been simmering on the back burner  unattended.

Before planning where I’m going, I wanted to harvest where I’d been.

Catching up on the small things that I missed felt great!  And reviewing my trip tracks has opened up the possibility of re-using, re-envisioning and re-purposing pieces of work I’ve developed along the way.

Want to join me in this?

Maybe it’s time to go back, like the gleaners, and see what you can still harvest from last year.

I want to take a break this week, and invite you to  look back over the past months’ blog posts and podcasts.

The big you-can’t-miss-it theme is India. I went there on more of a learning quest than tourist escapade, ready to jump into the world of the Bhagavad Gita and then share my work on organizational storytelling with a fabulous corporation.

I loved sharing with you what I was learning.

oil lamps lit on diwali festival

From the blog posts:

In Finding Hope in the Holidays,  I wished for you (and still do) the precious gift of hope.

Finding your calling, or what I learned from a warrior prince talks about a few of the amazing things the Bhagavad Gita has to tell us about leadership and introduces Stephen Cope’s amazing book. I LOVED that book and think you might, too!

In Create an eco-system to support your goals, or what I learned driving past slums in Mumbai (crazy long title!), I started reflecting on something I think could be really useful – a way to stop thinking of ourselves as individual achievers and design supportive eco-systems that reinforce our work.

Over on the Vital Presence Podcast:

Reflections of a master consultant: talking with Geoff Bellman. I had the privilege of listening to a great and well known organizational consultant reflect on his career, leadership, organizations and consulting. I’ve gotten appreciative feedback on this interview from around the world.

Finally, just hot off the airways as of this post, is Bringing old wisdom to new leadership: talking with Anil Sachdev, an opportunity to peak inside the mind of a wise soul and an enlightened executive – and don’t we need more of those!

Anil is a global leader, successful executive and founder of the School of Inspired Leadership outside of Delhi, India. His ideas about bringing wisdom and compassion into business sound aspirational, until you realize that Anil is living them through his work. I recorded this short interview during the conference on the Gita and leadership. My husband, my first reviewer, said simply, “Everyone should hear this.”

The interview with Anil is first of four interviews recorded in India with new perspectives you won’t hear anywhere else.

So we’re off on the adventure of a new year!

Are there topics that have been stirring around in you related to leadership, creativity, productivity, and walking a path with wisdom in this crazy new world?  If so, please share them!  As always, I love hearing from you.

May your reap the gold that lies behind you and ahead!

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