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Wiggle your toes to calm your mind

Recently, I wrote about “Breaking the grip of self-judgment.” This week, I discovered some tools that can help. In Positive Intelligence Shirzad Chamine writes that we all have a

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Did Darwin Get it Wrong?

At the suggestion of a friend, I recently watched Fantastic Fungi. Normally, a movie about mycelium and mushrooms wouldn’t be my top pick for date night,

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Find the heroes you need

The Netflix movie about Michelle Obama has just been released, and I cried watching the trailer. Like millions of others, I miss her presence in

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To hold as we are held

My Mom was not the perfect Mom. I was far from being the ideal daughter. I constantly challenged her during the late ’60s with my

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Find Your Inner Porpoise

The books written about Purpose or “Finding Your Inner Purpose” on Amazon have it almost right. They just spelled it wrong. Change a few letters

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