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Changing at the Speed of Slow

Question to a rancher: What’s the fastest way to move cattle? Rancher: Slowly On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, I thought about a lesson I learned from my friend John when he toured my garden. “You white people think change has to happen fast.” (He was being nice about it.) “But that’s a sign of […]

To care without despair

How to avoid depair as we continue to care? And create without hate? I’ve had to meter my news so that I don’t go numb while trying to stay informed about what is happening in Ukraine. To allow my heart to feel, I’ve turned to song. The creators of these four pieces turned their strong […]

Using the fire of anger to create beauty

Uncontrolled anger kills. Combined with political motives and manipulation it starts wars. It’s challenging not to be angry and scared by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Yet, I don’t want to forget that anger, with its heat, can also be used to create art.  At the Tacoma Art Museum, glassblowers demonstrate the art of glassmaking in […]

How to become expert at beginner’s mind

Last year, I switched from saying “I can’t do art” to “I am a beginner.” I’m in that lovely stage of discovery, in which I’m not expected to know anything. I have room to play, make mistakes, be curious, and ask questions (even “dumb” ones). This honeymoon period, however, won’t last forever. At some point, […]

Images of imagination

This week, I’ve been thinking about the power of imagination, especially as we age. Imagination provides a spark for creativity. Creativity feeds the soul. Filmmaker David Lynch says that his best ideas come through daydreams. Others find space in nature. In space and dreams, our imaginations have room to roam. Here are a few quotes to […]

Anne Boynton–Infuse Creativity into Your life

Join us as we explore how you can become more creative, at any age. Painter, writer, and facilitator Anne Boynton has created a course, with co-host Julia RIley, entitled “Infusing your Life with Creativity” for Spirituality and Practice and Sage-ing International. Anne is the former Chair of Sage-ing International, and has co-facilitated Sage-ing Workshops throughout the US and Canada. As […]

What to say when you don’t want to say anything

  I woke up this morning thinking about what to write and…and my brain was empty. What do you say when your brain has gone blank? This is what introverts face all the time (self-included)…when we have to say to people that we don’t have anything to say (or talk about not wanting to talk.) […]

Rebecca Crichton: Creative aging – a fresh perspective

As we baby boomers move into our 60’s, there’s a big conversation going on about how to age gracefully, creatively, and avoid the stereotypes that come with words like “senior citizen.” Rebecca Crichton is helping shape that conversation in the Puget Sound, Washington area, through the organization she directs, The Northwest Center for Creative Aging (NWCCA). […]

What Robin Williams teaches us about leadership

We can find our inspiration for leadership in many places. Last week – for me – it came from Robin Williams, whose untimely death I deeply grieve. He was a wild man who taught us the beauty and power of letting loose some creative wildness. He made me believe that there was room in this world for aliens, people who thought outside the box, people who moved with creativity and compassion and weren’t afraid to let their imaginations rip. Don’t you want to let out a little more of your wild side? And don’t you think our organizations would be better off for it?

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