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Words are beautiful but sometimes need to wait
Lest they be out of place.
The world must be experienced before it can be described.

I tread in a new land.
My sister,
(the “good friend” mentioned in these blogs)
died Tuesday.
Before I write about it
I need to take the ride, traverse the storms, 
And live more fully into this place called death,
Holding onto the love as I find my way.

Without words, I turn to John O’Donohue instead—to his blessing For the Dying

May death come gently towards you,
Leaving you time to make your way
Through the cold embrace of fear
To the place of inner tranquility.

…May you see the reflection
Of your life’s kindness and beauty
In all the tears that fall for you.

…May there be some beautiful surprise
Waiting for you inside death,
Something you never knew or felt,
Which with one simple touch
Absolves you of all loneliness and loss,
As you quicken within the embrace
For which your soul was eternally made.

May your heart be speechless
At the sight of the truth
Of all your belief had hoped,
Your heart breathless
In the light and lightness
Where each and every thing
Is at last its true self
Within that serene belonging
That dwells beside us
On the other side
Of what we see.

May it be so.

For my sister 1954-2023.

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  1. This is a stunningly beautiful poem, Sally. I will read it again and again. Thank you for sharing these words.

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